Relationships with friends and colleagues are a core component of our existence as human beings. They one of the primary determinants of our ability to find happiness in life. However, while relationships have the potential to bring us much joy and happiness, problems in relationships can also bring immense pain. 

My experience is that it is hard for people to sort out their problems on their own because they are part of the problem that they are trying to resolve. It is too easy to become very attached to your own perception of what the problem is which can blinker you making it hard, if not impossible, to resolve the problem or even know what the problem is. 

Relationship Counsellor

People often come to counselling knowing that something is wrong but will have no clear perspective of what the underlying problem might be, let alone how it can be resolved. This is where the experience of a relationship counsellor comes in. A relationship counsellor, who is completely independent of the problem, with no axe to grind, is uniquely placed to play a key role in helping you to find a way forward. 

I help clients to take a step back, reflect on where you are, where the other person is, and help you to open up the possibilities of finding a direction for moving forward. I will help you to open up the channels of communication. I will help you not only to talk but listen to the other person.

I can help you rediscover the joy of being in a relationship.

As a relationship counsellor, I have helped clients develop the ability to :

  • listen to each other
  • develop channels of communication
  • build on the positive rather than become too immersed in the negative
  • develop fresh insights
  • look objectively at each other’s point of view
  • identify the repetitive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that are  influencing the relationship
  • identify areas that create a ‘stuckness’
  • more readily engage with each other’s point of view
  • identify possible ways for moving forward
  • move beyond any strong emotions such as anger


‘The counselling really helped us get our relationship back on track. Your input into that was key. It was really good to have some solid, practical and unbiased advice to help us kick start things. We took your advice and are committed to putting the effort and time into making it work. Our relationship is not only back on track but better than ever. Thanks for all your great work’.
Rajinder & Santosh

‘Our counselling with you has really helped us communicate so much better with each other. We now have the confidence to say what we really want to say but we do so with care for the other person. We more readily open up and share our true feelings. We still have disagreements but they no longer turn into full blown arguments. Our relationship is so much stronger. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing patience, help and encouragement’.
Kelly and Denise