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Psychotherapy is a process that lends itself to working with problems of a long rather than short term nature. Long term problems have their roots in the clients history, and unresolved issues from the past, with their origins possibly going back to childhood. There will very likely be a need to explore the history in order to minimise the influence of the past on the present so enabling the client to move forward towards leading a happier, healthier and more hopeful life.

The problems of the past are often so severe that they can seriously affect the client’s mental health. Mental health is being talked
about much more openly. A recent report suggested that a significant proportion of the population in the UK will either be experiencing, or know somebody who is experiencing, a problem of mental health. An ever increasing number of people in the public eye are sharing their stories of suffering from a range of psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Yet, people who live with a diagnosis of a mental health condition still have the potential to lead a healthier and more satisfying life.
I will work with you to help you develop strategies that will work in conjunction with your medication and to help you develop the inner resolve that is required to make your life the best that it can still be. My experience it is that whatever comes from within makes a significant difference to living with your condition whatever it might be.


Some examples of the type of problems on which I either am working currently or have worked recently are listed below. I have many more examples that I could offer you :

Long term depression
Chronic anxiety
Living with schizophrenia
Recent diagnosis of bi-polar
Gambling addiction
Hoarding behaviours
Dependent personality disorder
Obsessive behaviours


‘My depression has largely gone. It has almost been entirely absent for several months. I cannot tell you what a wonderful gift that is’
( Alan )

‘Coming to see you has made such a difference to my life. I am now living rather just existing from day by day. I have a sense of purpose. I have a future. I am beginning to feel that I have a life that is worth living’ ( Fiona )