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Family Counselling

Families can be a source of love, support and encouragement but sometimes relationships within families can be a source of disharmony and friction that can easily escalate into open conflict. Relationships can be put under tremendous strain leaving family members feeling angry, isolated and even abandoned by the people they love.

These days the concept of the ‘family’ is constantly changing creating immense challenges. Relationship breakdown is becoming much more common resulting in an increase in the number of one-parent families.

The relationship between estranged parents too often breaks down especially if and when they meet new partners and when one or other of the parents either remarry or move in with their new partner and their family. This change can be very difficult for children. It raises psychological issues of attachment and loss that can be very difficult for children to handle resulting in all sorts of behavioural problems.

These problems can often then be compounded because parents become too absorbed in their own issues of loss and separation or too engrossed in the forming the new relationship that they can fail to appreciate what is happening for their children and the children’s needs for love and support.

Family counselling is a process that can help the parties to overcome the complexities of such relationships.

Family Issues

Some examples of the type of problems on which I either am working currently or have worked recently are listed below.
I have many more examples that I could offer you:

  • Bereavement in the family
  • Parental drinking
  • Lack of affection being shown
  • Bringing a new partner into the family
  • The effect of divorce on children
  • Sibling conflict and rivalry
  • Relationship issues between parent and child
  • Children not feeling loved or supported
  • Communication problems
  • Differences over approach to parenting

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‘Thank you so much for the help that you have given to our family. I have to be honest and say that we were not sure about family counselling. We came to see you very reluctantly but you have been amazing. You have helped us to put the past behind us, to build bridges and to start talking to each other. We feel like a family again. We would not be where we are now without your help.’

Don & Sheila

‘The counselling with you has been invaluable. Our relationship with our son is so much better. We talk more and we really listen to each other. We feel that we really understand him and he understands us. It has made such a difference. I feel that I have got my family back.’