Families can be a source of love, support and encouragement but sometimes relationships within families can be a source of disharmony and friction that can easily escalate into open conflict. Such relationships can be put under tremendous strain leaving family members feeling angry, isolated and even abandoned by the people they love.

Clients will regularly tell me how family is the primary source of the love and support that they need to make their lives satisfying and fulfilling. They will also tell me of the pain and unhappiness that is caused when family relationships break down as they can too easily do.

This type of counselling will usually include adults and older children in the sessions although sometimes it is necessary to work on an individual basis with members of the family for a period of time.

Family Issues

Clients have turned to me when :

  • Relationships have broken down because offence has been taken at something that has been said or done
  • Children have been affected by their parents divorce
  • A new partner has been brought into the family
  • There is sibling conflict and rivalry
  • Children have issues with how they have been / are being parented
  • An argument got out of hand and triggered a downward spiral in relationships
  • There are problems of showing affection / feeling unloved
  • Irreconcilable differences over approaches to parenting
  • Tensions over who does or does not do what
  • Resentments have built up and can no longer be tolerated


‘Thank you so much for the help that you have given to our family. I have to be honest and say that we were not sure about family counselling. We came to see you very reluctantly but you have been amazing. You have helped us to put the past behind us, to build bridges and to start talking to each other. We feel like a family again. We would not be where we are now without your help’.

Don & Sheila

‘The counselling with you has been invaluable. Our relationship with our son is so much better. We talk more and we really listen to each other. We feel that we really understand him and he understands us. It has made such a difference. We feel that we have got our family back.’

Alan & Mary