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Couples Counselling

Couples counselling, frequently referred to as marriage counselling, is an interaction that is facilitated by a counsellor who is both experienced and professionally accredited to work with relationship problems between couples.

There are no limitations on the nature of the relationship or the type of problem that might be worked on. The relationship might, for example, be a married couple or two people, of whatever sex or orientation, who may or may not be living together.

For me, the essential criterion for moving forward is that, as a couple, you are both committed to each other and to wanting to make the relationship work.


The aim of couples counselling is to help you explore your relationship as it currently is and to identify what is getting in the way of it being satisfying for each of you. The key issue is to identify the extent to which each of you see potential for the relationship to continue and the extent to which you are committed to it doing so. The challenge is to help you to identify how the relationship might need to be different and how you can work towards not only making the difference happen but sustaining it over time.

Couples Issues

Some examples of the type of problems on which I am either working currently or have worked recently are listed below.
I have many more examples that I could offer you:

  • Sexual problems
  • Anger
  • Repetitive arguments
  • Repetitive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour
  • Having an affair
  • Trust issues
  • Problems of communication
  • Lack of intimacy or affection
  • The influence of an ex-partner on a relationship
  • The controlling influence of parents or parents-in-law
  • Sharing of domestic duties
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Telling lies


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‘We give you credit for saving our marriage. Three years ago, we reached our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. My husband and I weren’t even speaking to each other. The anniversary passed without a word between us. You created a safe and calm space for us to talk honestly to each other and clear up issues. What really helped was your observation that we shared a wonderful sense of humour. You helped us to realise that we really did have something worth saving.’

Chris & Debbie

‘We want to express our sincere thanks for the help, support and encouragement you have given us. Our marriage was in real trouble and we both thought hat we had reached the end but you have helped us to bring it back to life. We really feel that we are a couple again and we are looking ahead to a future together. This would not have been possible without your help.’

Jin & Gabinder