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Counselling Room - Relationship Counselling Wolverhampton

My practice is located in the rural village of Trysull WV5 which is situated approximately six miles to the South West of Wolverhampton. I work in a room in my house that is dedicated to my work with clients. There is space for parking on the drive at the front of the house.

Trysull is situated in a rural location so clients will need their own means of transport for getting here.

Alternatively, the main railway station and bus station are located in Wolverhampton. Buses do not travel beyond the adjacent village of Wombourne which is just over two miles away from the house. However, taxis are available either from Wombourne or from the railway station in Wolverhampton.

Initial Consultation

The first meeting between counsellor and client is an initial consultation.

It is an opportunity for you to ‘tell me your story’ about what your problem. The story telling will hopefully enable me to start to develop my own mental map of what the problem appear to be and possibilities for how they might be overcome. It should hopefully give me sufficient information to be able to give you an informed opinion on the way forward.

This consultation is not only an opportunity for the counsellor and client to meet each other and decide if they want to work with each other. It is the starting point for developing the working relationship that is key to a successful outcome.

Counselling Sessions

I am frequently asked how many sessions will be required for couples counselling. This is rather like asking how long is a piece of string? The required number of sessions will become clear as the counselling develops after the initial consultation.


One-To-One Counselling

I work with one-to-one clients for FIFTY minutes and currently charge a fee of FORTY FIVE pounds.


I work with couple clients for SIXTY minutes and currently charge a fee of FIFTY FIVE pounds.


I work with family clients for SIXTY minutes and currently charge a fee of FIFTY FIVE pounds.

Payment Method

Pay in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.

Next Steps

The first and most important step in overcoming your problem, whatever it might be, is to recognise that, an experienced counsellor can help you. The next step is to make contact. You are welcome to either call me on 07976 757103, without obligation, for an informal chat or send me an email with brief details of your problem to

Your call or email will be the turning point in you living your life free of your problem.