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I am a qualified and professionally accredited counsellor, psychotherapist and relationship counsellor with extensive experience of helping clients to overcome the sort of problems that might be limiting your ability to lead a healthier, happier and more hopeful life.

One-To-One Counselling

I offer one-to-one counselling to individuals who are struggling to cope with everyday life for whatever reason. You might be experiencing health problems of stress, anxiety or depression. You might be struggling to come to terms with a death in the family. You might just be unhappy with your life for whatever reason. A long and successful career in human resources means I understand the workplace and am therefore uniquely placed to help you with a problem that might be affecting you at work. I will help you to find the resources within you for getting your life back on track.


I offer psychotherapy to individuals whose problem requires a longer term approach. Psychotherapy can help you to overcome a problem in the present that has its roots in the past. It can help you to become the person you are rather than the person you learned to be. It can help you to live the best life that you can if you are living with a diagnosis of mental illness. I will give you the belief that life can be better and the energy to make it happen.

Relationship Counselling

I work clients of any race, gender or sexual orientation to help you overcome problems in your marriage or partnership. I will work with you where there is a breakdown in the relationship between members of your family, for whatever reason. I will help you to re-discover the joys of being in a relationship.



I developed a successful career in Human Resources reaching the position of Director of Human Resources for one of the leading universities in the Midlands. It was while working in HR that I developed an interest in counselling and psychotherapy for which I undertook a programme of study and training as a mature student.

Proffessional Training

I completed a two year programme of part-time study leading to a Master of Science Degree in Change Agent Skills and Strategies at the University of Surrey before completing a four year training in counselling and psychotherapy, by part-time study, at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham. The training was validated by the University of Derby.

Professional Qualifications

University of Surrey ( 1995 – 1998 )
Master of Science Degree in Change Agent Skills and Strategies

University of Derby ( 1997 – 2001 )
Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy 1998
Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy 1999
Master of Arts Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy 2000 ( Pass with Distinction )

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy ( UKCP )
I am a member of the UKCP. This is the professional body that verifies my qualifications, experience and standard of professional practice. This body accredits me to practice as a psychotherapist and counsellor.


Trysull - Two Chairs Counselling Wolverhampton
Counselling Room - Relationship Counselling Wolverhampton

My practice is based in the village of Trysull WV5 which is situated approximately six miles to the South West of Wolverhampton. I work in a room in my house that is dedicated to my work with clients. There is space for parking on the drive at the front of the house.

Trysull is situated in a rural location so clients will need their own means of transport for getting here.

Alternatively, the main railway station and bus station are located in Wolverhampton. Buses do not travel beyond the adjacent village of Wombourne which is just over two miles away from the house. However, taxis are available either from Wombourne or from the railway station in Wolverhampton.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need a counsellor?
  • You feel anxious about seeing a counsellor. Are such feelings normal?
  • You have never had any counselling before. Does this matter?
  • You cannot believe that you cannot sort out your own problems .Is there something wrong with you?
  • Will anybody know that you are seeing a counsellor?
  • How long does a counselling session last?
  • How do you book an appointment?
  • What if you have questions that you want to ask before you book an appointment?
  • What if you need to either change or cancel an appointment?
  • Do you need to prepare for anything your counselling sessions?

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Initial Consultation

I am frequently asked how many counselling sessions will be required. This is rather like asking how long is a piece of string ? We won’t work together longer than we need to but counselling is an emergent process and the required number of sessions will emerge naturally from the initial consultation and how the story subsequently unfolds.

Counselling Sessions

I am frequently asked how many sessions will be required for couples counselling. This is rather like asking how long is a piece of string? The required number of sessions will become clear as the counselling develops after the initial consultation.


One-To-One Counselling

I work with one-to-one clients for FIFTY minutes and currently charge a fee of FORTY FIVE pounds.


I work with couple clients for SIXTY minutes and currently charge a fee of FIFTY FIVE pounds.


I work with family clients for SIXTY minutes and currently charge a fee of FIFTY FIVE pounds.

Payment Method

Clients are welcome to pay either in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.

Next Steps

If you want to have an informal chat about your problem, please give me a call without obligation on 07976 757103.

Alternatively, you are welcome to send me an email to I will always respond to your enquiry as quickly as I possibly can.